Research is an integral part of my educational experience and academic career goals. The goals of my research programs are to (1) to work on the interface of social and natural sciences to explore the dynamic relationship between natural resources and people; (2) to ensure the sustainability of natural resources in developed and developing countries; (3) to channelize my research to benefit society and nature.  

In general, I am interested in exploring and problem-solving issues related to resource management and sustainable utilization for human welfare. My research interests lie in management, human dimensions, economics, social sciences, socio-ecological systems, application of GIS and remote sensing, land use land cover change analysis, landscape ecology,  qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate current and emerging conservation topics related to natural resources management and society. My research brings an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human-nature interactions.

“The most exciting change I see is a land-use combined with community and conservation-friendly solutions that allow us to be productive and look for areas where we see bounties of biodiversity.”

My dissertation addresses the relationship between deforestation and agricultural expansion in the southeast USA. My research follows an integrative approach focusing on the following aspects: a) assessing land rent of yellow pine species grown in coastal Georgia relative to blueberry in the presence and absence of market and climate risks, b) understanding the perceptions of private landowners to know their decision-making framework while selecting blueberry over yellow pine species c) understanding the historical land-use change in a watershed and project the same for the future d) determining the impact of land-use changes specifically deforestation on the ecosystem services in the selected watershed.

Currently, I work on Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (C-CHANGE),  research projects funded by Iowa State University Presidential Integrative Research Initiatives (ISUPIRI) on understanding the relationship between conservation practice use by landowners and social, behavioral, and ecological characteristics. I am using a social-ecological system analysis framework to tackle the objective.