My wish to pursue a profession in academia was originally motivated by a desire to share what I know. My interest in teaching comes primarily from my enthusiasm for the sciences and the love of learning and sharing of knowledge. Teaching not only prepares students for the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking that are needed in their future careers, but also improves the instructor’s capability to convey research ideas and results to the public. I believe the art of teaching is an evolving ability and instructors should learn from students as well. 

I believe teaching can be viewed as a production function with two inputs: an instructor and students. For positive results, both inputs should provide the willingness to participate in the teaching production process. At the same time, the instructor needs to bring all the enthusiasm and knowledge to maintain the students engagement in this process.

My teaching philosophy integrates the following seven different principles of the new paradigm of teaching and a variety of pedagogical tools that combine the lecture format style with problem-solving approaches.

Syllabus Overview